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What does it mean to be the right leader at the right time? For some businesses, it means hiring an interim leader like a CEO or CFO to step in a guide the business through a particular chapter in its history. Often venture capital or private equity funding sources require the assignment of an interim leader to come in and achieve specific growth or change results.

Today, I am visiting with someone who has created a service firm deploying business leaders who are good fits for these interim roles. My guest is Robert “Bob” Jordan and his firm is Interim Execs.

Along the way Robert has determined there are four (4) key archetypes that make up the best leader for the right time in a business.

By conducting interviews with over 5,600 executives, they have identified 4 distinct leadership styles and when and where those styles are the most useful. For example:

  • Are you an adrenaline junkie who “runs into the fire?” You might be a FIXER
  • Are you a creative that is constantly envisioning new products, innovations and better ways to do things?  You might be an ARTIST
  • Do you excel at managing teams, investors, and other stakeholders with diverse agendas?  You might be a STRATEGIST
  • Are you transaction oriented and focused on the endgame? Do you see the ceiling as something made to break through? You might be a BUILDER

Robert understands that having the right leadership team is key to hiring and retaining top talent and oftentimes the leadership a company needs is not the leadership it has…yet.

Guest Bio:

Robert Jordan has launched companies and helped other owners and investors build their companies for 25+ years. After founding the first Internet-coverage magazine in the world, Online Access, and landing on the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies, Jordan sold the magazine and began taking on interim CEO gigs. High multiple company sales and IPOs followed.

In 2007 he started an online network for interim executives around the globe, expanding to 2,300 executives from 45 countries. Jordan then co-founded InterimExecs, helping owners and investors with powerful leadership on demand through InterimExecs RED Team (Rapid Executive Deployment).

Jordan is the author of How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America, and a publishing partner for Start With No, Jim Camp’s bestselling book and audio on negotiation. He is a lifelong Chicagoan, with a wife and two daughters plus two dogs.


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