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Stop buying tactics for marketing like SEO, Google ads or Facebook ads. Get a solid marketing strategy BEFORE you start pouring money into the marketing funnel that most small businesses get sucked into doing. Hear from a professional who has been helping businesses realize tangible, more impactful results thru something she calls DuctTape Marketing.

My guest is Sara Nay, COO of DuctTape Marketing, a full-service agency dedicated to small business growth.

Guest Bio:

Sara Nay is the COO at Duct Tape Marketing, Founder of Spark Lab Consulting, Scalable Business Advisor, and host of the Agency Spark Podcast.  With 12+ years working in the small business space, it is her passion to install marketing and operating systems for small business owners so they can get more clarity and freedom in their lives.  Outside of work, Sara tries to spend as much time as possible outdoors with her daughters and husband – from skiing to hiking to biking to camping.  

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