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We all have some default modes we revert to in our day-to-day lives. Like picking toothpaste, we seldom put much thought into that kind of activity. But what happens when you start running your business in a default mode, like picking toothpaste?

In this episode, we explore what happens. Join me with Steve Fredlund. He’s a ‘recovering actuary’ who discovered he was tired, bored, and unfulfilled in his job yet he had checked all the ‘happy’ boxes; meaning he should have been happy but wasn’t. Hear his journey to understand what real happiness can mean. Listen as Steve shares his insights and discoveries.

Steve Fredlund is the Lead Strategist and Happiness Coach for Small Small Business, the company he started in 2018. He is also a professional speaker with a focus on bringing greater happiness to individuals and organizations. He has spent his entire life in East Central Minnesota with his wife Tracy and their three, now-grown children. He loves podcasting, poker, and disc golf.

Listen for:

  • Tips and ideas for finding real happiness
  • The telltale signs you are approaching burnout
  • Ways to regenerate your happy.

Links for Steve:

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevefredlund/

Watch the Video:

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