The Art of Embracing Imperfection and Celebrating Wins: Insights from Habit Coach Lesley Logan

Welcome to my latest podcast, where I’m thrilled to share the wisdom and insights from a recent episode of my podcast, “Leadership Powered by Common Sense.” I had the pleasure of hosting Lesley Logan, an exceptional online instructor and habits building coach, who brought a wealth of knowledge to our discussion about habit building, overcoming perfectionism, and the power of celebrating small victories.

Lesley Logan’s Journey to Habit Coaching

Lesley’s story is both inspiring and relatable. She opened up about her struggle with perfectionism, which began in her college years and continued into her adult life. This quest for perfection often led to frustration, but it was through this challenge that Lesley discovered the transformative power of practice, curiosity, and process. Embracing these principles, she transitioned from striving for perfection to teaching others as a habits and mindset coach.

The Science and Psychology of Habit Building

Hey, it’s the New Year, right? We all at least think about doing something different for the new year. Shifting away from something or doing something new requires a form of habit. Habits drive behavior, whether good or bad.

During our conversation, Lesley emphasized that our habits, even the ones we dislike, serve a purpose in our lives. She shed light on the role of dopamine, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, in forming and maintaining habits.

Lesley also touched on the detrimental effects of judgment and shame on our ability to cultivate healthy habits, advocating for self-kindness and the celebration of even the tiniest steps toward change.

Setting Achievable Goals and Overcoming New Year’s Resolution Pitfalls

We’ve all been there—setting ambitious New Year’s resolutions only to find them abandoned by February. Lesley and I discussed the importance of breaking down these big goals into smaller, manageable tasks. She shared practical advice for habit formation, such as leveraging existing daily routines to introduce new habits, making them more likely to stick.

The Perils of Perfectionism and the Power of Messy Action

Lesley’s personal battle with perfectionism resonated deeply with me. She talked about the quest for certainty as a form of perfectionism in disguise and the necessity of taking “messy action” to move forward. Embracing uncertainty, according to Lesley, is crucial for growth and progress.

Celebrating Imperfection and Wins in Personal and Professional Life

Lesley passionately advocated for making things small and finding joy in imperfection. She explained how mistakes are not failures but opportunities for feedback and growth. Treating ourselves with kindness and starting with less critical tasks can help us practice being imperfect without the pressure.

Moreover, Lesley highlighted the significance of celebrating achievements in the moment. This immediate recognition not only boosts our dopamine levels but also reinforces the habit we’re trying to build. She shared examples of how this approach can enhance customer experiences and team morale, ultimately benefiting business success.

The Ripple Effect of Positive Customer Experiences

As the host, I echoed Lesley’s sentiments on the importance of celebrating wins. I shared a real-life example of a plumbing company that successfully integrated customer celebration into their services, resulting in happier customers and fewer complaints.

Lesley and I delved into the contagious nature of positive experiences and the importance of creating an environment where people feel seen and valued. This approach can lead to increased motivation and engagement, both within teams and with customers.

Connecting with Lesley Logan for Further Growth

For those interested in diving deeper into the world of habit building and creating joy in the workplace, Lesley Logan offers online classes and experiential trainings. She also emphasized the connection between fitness and dopamine, promoting happiness and well-being in our professional lives.

Final Thoughts

Our discussion was a powerful reminder of the importance of embracing imperfection, celebrating every win, and creating positive experiences for ourselves, our customers, and our teams. These practices are not just feel-good strategies; they are foundational to achieving personal and professional success.

I hope you’ve found these insights as enlightening as I did. If you’re looking to transform your habits, mindset, and ultimately your life, remember to start small, be kind to yourself, and celebrate every step of the journey.

To connect with Lesley Logan and explore her offerings, be sure to check out her online classes and training sessions. And for more discussions on leadership and personal growth, tune into “Leadership Powered by Common Sense.” Together, let’s continue to learn, grow, and lead with common sense.

Guest Bio:

Lesley Logan. @lesley.logan Lesley Logan, a 2nd generation certified Pilates teacher, breathwork, habits and mindset coach, is the founder of OnlinePilatesClasses.com, the first free online catalogue of Pilates exercise tutorials, where you can also find weekly Pilates classes and workshops. Teaching Pilates since 2008, she has run multiple studios, has trained hundreds of people to become teachers themselves and has taught thousands of students around the world. When not teaching from her studio in Las Vegas, Lesley she’s hosting her podcast Be It Till You See it or traveling the world leading Pilates retreats.

Website: free class onlinepilatesclasses.com/free

free series for beginners fullbodyin15.com

Socials: IG @lesley.logan

YT youtube.com/@onlinepilatesclasses

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