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The Chief Marchitect Story 186

Are you tired of pouring your hard-earned money into marketing campaigns that don’t deliver results? Russell Lundstrom was too. But instead of giving up, he had an epiphany that changed …

Dr. Jack Wiley 182

Elevating Leadership: The Seven Key Attributes of Successful Managers with Jack Wiley 182

Does this sound familiar? You’re trying to improve employee engagement, but the strategies you’ve been told to implement just aren’t working. Maybe you’ve tried implementing more rules and regulations, or …

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How to Understand Your Brand DNA 171

Identifying a meaningful brand may be one of the most difficult challenges a business founder can face. Let’s face it, most of us are NOT natural marketers.

Tania Luna

4 Core Elements of Great Leaders 126

There are countless articles and books about leadership. For some time I have been an advocate of not trying to read them all. Rather, find yourself some credible sources backed …

Henry Kurkowski

The Generational Impact on Remote Work

You’re going to be surprised! My guest for this episode of Leadership Powered by Common Sense is Henry Kurkoski. Henry created and runs a technology company, splitting his own time …