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Join me with my guest Greg Offner as he explains this very important aspect of creating high-performing teams. Greg knows a good bit about being a high performer. He has a background in sales and marketing while pursuing his love of music as an entertainer making his stage life centered around being one member of a dueling piano bar act.

Yet all of this almost came to a crashing close when he was diagnosed with a voice-losing injury to his vocal cords. Many surgeries later, his entertaining career resumed. Now though he spreads his message about finding hidden value in everything around you. Listen in and see what Greg has to share.

Gregory Offner is one of the most in-demand experts on the topic of professional performance, and navigating disruption. His clients include Fortune 100 companies, and he is often asked to keynote at conferences where industry leaders and executives turn to him for new perspectives on how to elevate performance, eliminate disengagement, and make work suck less.

Today’s organizations need people who perform at work, in a way that leaves their customers and colleagues shouting the business equivalent of: “one more song, one more song”. These people are called Encore Performers.
With the conference room or cubicle as their stage, these people are to business what Billy Joel and The Beatles are to music.
But rather than asking how these rare talents are found, the savvy leader wants to know how they’re developed; how they’re engaged; and how to enable them to thrive.

Our guest, Gregory Offner, is an Encore Performer who brings a lifetime of real-world experience to the stage to help us uncover that answer. Whether in the boardroom negotiating deals, or belting out hits while touring the world as a professional dueling pianist, Gregory is a passionate student of human performance, and has dedicated his life to enabling others to consistently perform at their fullest potential.

As the Founder and CEO of Global Performance Institute and one of the leading voices on Purposeful Performance Under Pressure, Gregory is regularly called upon to teach, speak for, and consult with organizations that seek to develop and sustain a culture of high-performing, highly fulfilled people.

Listen for:

  • Key tips that are even bigger than your ‘why’
  • Ways to re-think the work you do
  • Understand the hidden value principle
  • Learn his Seven Keys to Success

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