The Benefits of Business Coaching with Keith Beggs

When you own your own business, you face unique challenges and hardships that can really put your entrepreneur skills to the test. 

But it can be difficult to be sure you are making the right decisions to benefit your company, your employees and yourself. 

In this episode, Keith Beggs sits down with Doug Thorpe, executive business coach, to kick off the series to discuss the importance of business coaching as a means to learn how to tackle the difficult situations all types of business owners face. 

Keith and Doug discuss: 

  • Some of the types of calls Doug experiences from small companies to Fortune 500 companies
  • How you can cut the emotional tie to your company to make sound decisions
  • How to overcome a fear of change in your company
  • The problem with hiring family members before qualified employees 
  • How business owners’ problems have changed over the past two years 
  • And more! 


Connect with Keith Beggs:

Connect with Doug Thorpe:

About our Guest: Doug Thorpe is a performance-driven Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Thought Leader, and Consultant with more than 40 years of success in the financial services, executive coaching, oil & gas, and healthcare industries. Leveraging extensive experience in guiding business transformation for growth-oriented organizations, he is a trusted guide for mid-cap companies to large global enterprises requiring expert assistance with leadership development, team performance, employee engagement, culture shifts, and change management. 

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