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Hello, fellow leaders and aspiring changemakers! I’m Doug Thorpe, your guide on the journey to empowered leadership through common sense. In my latest podcast episode, I had the privilege of sitting down with Scott Mautz, the insightful author of “The Mentally Strong Leader.” Our conversation delved deep into the essence of mental strength and its pivotal role in effective leadership. Join me as I share the key insights and transformative lessons from this enlightening discussion.

Mental strength, a term that resonates with fortitude and resilience, is often the unsung hero behind a leader’s success. Scott Mautz illuminated this concept by identifying six core mental muscles that underpin this vital trait. These muscles are not just abstract ideas; they are practical attributes that every leader can develop and strengthen with intention and practice.

The Six Core Mental Muscles:

  • Self-Efficacy: Belief in one’s ability to achieve goals.
  • Optimism: A positive and hopeful outlook on the future.
  • Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
  • Hope: The feeling of trust and confidence in the journey ahead.
  • Gratitude: Appreciation for what one has, rather than what one lacks.
  • Mindfulness: Present moment awareness and acceptance.

Each of these mental muscles plays a crucial role in shaping a leader’s mindset and approach to challenges. By assessing our current state in each area, we can identify where we need to focus our growth efforts.

Building Mental Strength Through Self-Assessment:

Scott Mautz provided valuable insights on how leaders can evaluate their mental muscle fitness. It’s not about being perfect in every area; rather, it’s about recognizing where we excel and where we have room for improvement. By conducting a candid self-assessment, we can create a personalized development plan that targets our weaker muscles.

The Role of Doubt and Self-Acceptance:

Our discussion also touched on the often-overlooked aspects of doubt and self-acceptance. It’s natural for leaders to experience doubt, but it’s how we manage this doubt that defines our mental strength. Embracing self-acceptance allows us to acknowledge our limitations without letting them undermine our confidence. This balance is key to building a foundation of mental fortitude.


The journey to becoming a mentally strong leader is ongoing and dynamic. It requires dedication to personal growth and a willingness to confront our inner challenges. By understanding and developing the six core mental muscles, we can enhance our leadership capabilities and inspire those around us.

I encourage you to listen to the full podcast episode with Scott Mautz to dive deeper into the strategies for cultivating mental strength. Remember, leadership is not just about the mind—it’s about the heart and soul as well. Let’s continue to grow together and lead with common sense and uncommon wisdom.

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of mental strength in leadership. Until next time, keep leading with courage and compassion.

Scott Mautz is CEO/Founder of Profound Performance™, a keynote, workshop, and training company that helps business leaders become even better, more inspired versions of themselves. He’s a former senior executive of Procter & Gamble, where he successfully ran several of the company’s largest multi-billion-dollar businesses. He’s an award-winning, bestselling author, popular course instructor on LinkedIn Learning, and faculty at Indiana University’s School of Business for Executive Education. His latest book is The Mentally Strong Leader: Build the Habits to Productively Regulate Your Emotions, Thoughts, and Behaviors. 

Scott is a speaker and trainer commonly described as “riveting” (despite his daughter’s utter disbelief of that description). His one-of-a-kind blend of business experience, research, storytelling, tools, sprinkles of humor, and hi-octane delivery opens hearts & minds.

He applies his thunderous passion to help others become mentally stronger and achieve more (even in the face of challenges) – at work and in life. He prides himself on his “No-Diva” policy (being easy to work with), on coming across as authentic and as down-to-earth as he really is, and on being the absolute highest-value podcast guest he can be. 

He wants to understand your brand too, so he can help reinforce it as a guest on your show. Invite Scott on for an interesting conversation that will intrigue your listeners, not the canned spewing of book selling points.

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