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From ICU Nurse to Entrepreneurial Consultant: A Journey of Leadership and Process Mastery

The Backstory of a Business Growth Expert

Hello, everyone! I’m Doug Thorpe, host of Leadership Powered by Common Sense, and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Donna Dube (Du-bay), a consultant who specializes in operations and process performance. In this blog post, I’ll share the insights from our conversation, which I believe are invaluable for entrepreneurs looking to improve their businesses.

Donna’s journey is both inspiring and instructive. She began her career as an ICU nurse, a role that taught her the importance of process and project management in high-stakes environments. As she transitioned to entrepreneurship, she brought with her the skills necessary to help business leaders navigate the complexities of growth and management.

The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Overwhelmed and Under-Systematized

Many entrepreneurs look successful on the outside but are struggling internally. They often work around the clock, unsure of how to lead and manage effectively. Donna’s mission is to help these leaders step back from day-to-day operations, set up systems and processes, and learn to lead their teams autonomously. This approach allows them to leverage their time, talent, and tactics to grow their businesses without sacrificing their personal lives.

The Power of Process Mapping and Systematization

During our discussion, Donna emphasized the importance of process mapping. Surprisingly, few entrepreneurs have their processes well-defined, which leads to inefficiency and a constant state of “flying by the seat of their pants.” Donna advocates for slowing down to speed up, ensuring that marketing, sales, and delivery systems are clearly defined for each offer a business has. This approach allows for the creation of assets that can be used repeatedly, saving time and resources in the long run.

Tools and Techniques for Efficient Operations

We also talked about the plethora of tools available to entrepreneurs that can automate many steps in their processes. For instance, scheduling tools can eliminate the back-and-forth of setting up meetings, and various software can handle tasks that don’t require the business leader’s direct involvement. By automating these processes, leaders can focus on vision and strategy, which are crucial for their role as CEOs.

The CEO Power Hour and Intentional Time Management

One strategy Donna shared is the CEO power hour—a dedicated time each week for leaders to review and reflect on their business. This practice helps entrepreneurs stay focused on their goals and ensures they are using their time intentionally.

The Visionary and the Implementer: A Dynamic Duo

We also discussed the concept from Gino Wickman’s book “Rocket Fuel,” which posits that successful businesses need both a visionary and an implementer. The visionary comes up with big ideas, while the implementer turns those ideas into action. For entrepreneurs who are visionaries, finding a partner or colleague to serve as the implementer can be a game-changer.

Strategic Planning and the Idea Parking Lot

To help entrepreneurs stay focused, Donna recommends breaking down strategic plans into 90-day goals and monthly objectives. This method helps teams understand the direction of the business and aligns their efforts with the company’s vision. Additionally, Donna suggests using an “idea parking lot” to store new ideas that can be revisited and potentially implemented in future quarters.

The Importance of an Advisory Board

Another valuable resource for entrepreneurs is an advisory board. These trusted advisors can provide perspective, help refine ideas, and keep the business on track with its strategic plan. Companies with an advisory board often experience more stable and consistent growth.

Hiring Best Practices and Mindset Shifts in the Workforce

Lastly, we touched on the changes in the workforce mindset and the importance of clear expectations and professionalism, especially in the remote work environment. Donna stressed the need for proper hiring practices and onboarding processes to ensure team members align with the company’s values and vision.

Conclusion: Embracing Process and Leadership for Business Success

In conclusion, Donna Dube’s insights highlight the critical role of process mapping, systematization, and strategic planning in business growth. As entrepreneurs, it’s essential to recognize the value of these practices and to seek the right tools, partnerships, and advisory support to thrive. By doing so, we can lead our businesses to success while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Guest Bio:

Donna Dube: Certified Director of Operations and Business Growth Strategist.

With several years of experience in project planning and strategic growth planning with 6- & 7-figure businesses I’ve seen the momentum that can happen in a business when the CEO leverages their time, talent and tactics.

I truly believe time is the most important asset you can have in your business. Being intentional and purposeful with how you use your time can really propel your business forward. No team, system, or automation can outperform a lack of focus.

Small business owners will hit an invisible wall that can stall the growth of the company. The key reason there is a wall is that owners need to shift from manager to leader. The question is, how to do that?

Doug is a coach for CEOs and Senior Leadership Teams with 30 years of leadership experience. He is the president & CEO of Doug Thorpe Group. Doug is also a podcast host.

He helps owners understand the ways they need to reshape their thinking and attitude to make a successful break through the wall.

Learn how to move from Founder to CEO.

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