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Navigating the Sales Landscape: Insights for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur and podcast host of “Leadership Powered by Common Sense,” I’ve always found the world of sales to be a challenging frontier. It’s a sentiment I know many business owners share, especially those who’ve stepped into the arena through acquiring a business. That’s why I invited Benjamin Brown, a sales expert, to join me in a candid discussion about the art and science of sales for entrepreneurs.

  • Challenges faced by entrepreneurs in generating sales
  • Mindset and skills required for successful sales
  • Importance of having a sales process
  • Pitfalls of hiring salespeople
  • Concept of “atrophy sales” and the need for exercising sales skills
  • Differentiation between marketing and sales
  • Importance of generating referrals in the sales process
  • Ten-step sales process and its customization for different businesses
  • Challenges of hiring salespeople and common pitfalls
  • Personal experiences and insights shared by the speakers

The Sales Mindset: Building Your Sales Muscle

Benjamin introduced us to the concept of “atrophy sales,” a powerful analogy that likens sales skills to a muscle that requires constant exercise to stay strong. He pointed out that our traditional education and job system often leaves us ill-prepared for the demands of sales when we venture into entrepreneurship. The confidence and persistence that are second nature to a homeless person asking for help are the very traits we need to emulate in our sales approach.

My Sales Journey: A Personal Reflection

Reflecting on my own journey, I’ve had my share of negative experiences with sales, which have shaped my mindset. Benjamin emphasized that sales is not inherently good or bad; it’s a tool for serving needs and helping people. It’s about the perception and the intent behind the skill.

Marketing vs. Sales: Understanding the Difference

A key distinction that Benjamin made was between marketing and sales. Marketing is about creating awareness and attention, but sales is the action that converts that attention into a commitment, whether it’s a purchase or an exchange of contact information. He also highlighted the critical role of referrals in the sales process.

A Ten-Step Sales Process: Customizable and Repeatable

Benjamin shared a ten-step sales process that can be tailored to any business. The beauty of this process lies in its simplicity and repeatability, making it a valuable framework for any product or service. He drew parallels to skilled professions, advocating for the need for apprenticeship and practice in honing one’s sales skills.

Hiring Salespeople: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

We delved into the challenges of hiring salespeople, with Benjamin providing examples of common mistakes, such as unrealistic expectations and a lack of understanding of the sales mindset. He advised on the importance of hiring individuals with a sales background and creating incentive structures that motivate performance.

I shared a personal anecdote about hiring a salesperson who became an investor but failed to generate sales, underscoring the importance of clear expectations and incentives.

Conclusion: Mastering Sales as an Entrepreneur

Our conversation was a treasure trove of insights for entrepreneurs eager to master the sales aspect of their business. Benjamin’s expertise and practical advice are invaluable for those looking to refine their sales strategies and achieve success in the entrepreneurial world.

Remember, sales is not just a transaction; it’s a relationship-building process that requires understanding, practice, and a genuine desire to meet the needs of your customers. Keep tuning in for more insights on how to empower your leadership and business acumen.


The mindset of sales (00:01:16) Discussion on the mindset and skills required for successful sales, particularly for entrepreneurs who have acquired a business.

The sales muscle (00:01:47) Exploration of the concept of sales as a muscle and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs who have not used their sales skills for years.

Overcoming negative perceptions of sales (00:04:27) Addressing the negative associations and mindset about sales, emphasizing the importance of changing perceptions and attitudes towards sales.

The purpose of sales (00:07:33) Emphasizing the idea that sales should be viewed as serving a good for somebody and the importance of understanding the purpose of sales in helping people.

Elements of a sales process (00:12:28) Discussion on the essential elements and customization of a sales process for different businesses, emphasizing the importance of a repeatable and customizable process.

Pitfalls of hiring salespeople (00:16:09) Exploration of the challenges and pitfalls faced by entrepreneurs when hiring salespeople, including the impact of wrong hiring decisions on the business.

The mindset of an angry investor (00:20:21) Discussion about the frustration of an investor due to the crash of ’08 and the lack of residual value.

Understanding the concept of sales (00:21:03) The importance of understanding sales in negotiations, personal or business, and the impact of having a sales mindset.

The power of effective sales tactics (00:22:24) Anecdotes about successfully influencing sales representatives and managers through effective communication and sales tactics.

Identifying opportunities for increased revenue (00:23:15) The significance of assessing existing databases, referrals, and CRM effectiveness to identify missed revenue opportunities.

Negotiating business engagements (00:25:07) Insight into the negotiation process and setting expectations for engagement with struggling businesses.

The art of closing the sale (00:26:23) Discussion about Benjamin’s book, “Master the Art of Closing the Sale,” and the importance of understanding the sales process.

Referral-based selling (00:28:01) The effectiveness of referral-based selling and the importance of asking for referrals to generate more business opportunities.

The impact of asking for referrals (00:30:27) Anecdote about significantly increasing sales by asking for referrals and the importance of implementing referral programs.

Contact information for sales consulting (00:31:07) Details about how to get in touch with Benjamin for sales consulting services and scheduling an appointment for a sales process assessment.

Guest Bio:

Here’s my story

I got into sales coaching when I worked with BNI (Business Network International). I realized that many small businesses don’t use a sales process. In fact many business don’t think sales training is important until it starts to affect their revenue. I began sharing all my sales experience with business owners. As a result, I built the Rapid Success Sales Process. By implementing a proper sales process an individual or business owner can increase revenue and become more successful.

I’d like to share my book & some free gifts at the end of the interview

My book is Master the Art of Closing the Sale which is available at Amazon.com and all major online booksellers around the world. The book will help anyone in business learn the basic steps of selling. They can learn more about the book at http://a.co/bOXpmMp. Also use link to schedule a  call www.meetwithbenjamin.com

Benjamin Brown

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