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As the host of “Leadership Powered by Common Sense,” I’ve had the privilege of engaging with some of the most insightful minds in the world of leadership. In a recent episode, I sat down with Erin Diehl, an inspiring figure who has just released a compelling new book, “I See You: A Leader’s Guide to Energizing Their Team Through Radical Empathy.” Our conversation delved into the heart of what it means to lead with compassion and understanding, and I’m excited to share the key takeaways and personal stories that emerged from this enlightening discussion.

The Journey to Radical Empathy

Erin opened up about her personal journey, which resonated deeply with me. As a new mom during the pandemic, she faced the daunting task of navigating motherhood while pivoting her business in response to the world’s sudden shift. She candidly shared her struggles with the three P’s: pivoting, people-pleasing, and pain. The latter, a chronic physical manifestation of unprocessed stress, led her to develop the “MOVE ON” methodology—a tool to help leaders process challenges and bounce back stronger.

Embracing the Human Element

Our conversation naturally progressed to the importance of empathy in leadership. We reflected on how the pandemic’s lockdown peeled back the layers of our professional personas, revealing the authentic human beings behind the work. This humanizing element has since become a cornerstone of what employees now expect from their leaders: empathy and understanding. It’s a call to action for leaders to recognize the individual, not just the job title.

The Impact of Selfless Leadership

Erin shared a powerful story that highlighted the stark difference between self-serving and selfless leadership. She contrasted her experiences with two leaders, Chad and Jennifer D’Angelo. Chad’s focus on personal gain sharply contrasted with Jennifer’s empowering approach. Jennifer’s ability to see Erin’s potential, to push her to excel while embracing her flaws and strengths, left a lasting impression. It was a testament to the power of leaders who invest in their team’s personal and professional development.

A Tale of Generosity in Entrepreneurship

I shared a story of my own, about an entrepreneur in the service industry who exemplified selfless leadership. Despite the risk to his own business, he supported team members who wanted to start their own ventures. His generosity in sharing knowledge and resources was rewarded with loyalty, as most team members chose to stay. This story underscored the profound impact that belief and support can have on a team’s dynamics and individual growth.

The Lasting Influence of Investing in Others

As our discussion came to a close, Erin extended an invitation to listeners to engage with her work and offered herself as a resource for leaders seeking to adopt radical empathy. I echoed her sentiments, encouraging my audience to provide feedback and interact with the content we share. We wrapped up the episode with a reminder of the video version available on YouTube and a call to action for listeners to seize the day and make the most of every opportunity.

Conclusion: The Ripple Effect of Selfless Leadership

The insights from my conversation with Erin Diehl are a powerful reminder of the transformative impact that selfless leadership can have on both individuals and organizations. Through personal anecdotes and reflective discussions, we highlighted the profound influence that leaders who prioritize the growth and well-being of their team members can wield. It’s a lesson in leadership that goes beyond strategy and metrics—it’s about the heart and soul of guiding others to their fullest potential.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to reflect on your own leadership style and the ways in which you can incorporate radical empathy into your approach. Remember, the true measure of a leader is not just in the success of their business, but in the success and well-being of the people they lead.

Erin “Big” Diehl is a Business Improv Edutainer, Failfluencer, and Professional Zoombie. Through a series of unrelated dares, Erin created improve it!, a unique professional development company rooted in improv comedy, that pushes leaders and teams to laugh, learn, play, and grow. 

She is the proud host of The improve it! Podcast, a Top 1% Global Podcast, which helps develop leaders and teams through play, improv and experiential learning, and first time author of the Amazon Best Seller & Top New Release: I See You! A Leader’s Guide to Energizing Your Team Through Radical Empathy.

Among her many accolades, Erin is most proud of successfully coercing over 35,000 professionals to chicken dance. 

Links / Social Handles:

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Podcast: https://www.learntoimproveit.com/podcast

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/erindiehl

Instagram: @itserindiehl

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