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Great leaders ask good questions. The questions are never meant to fill air space. Rather they represent genuine, thoughtful curiosity. Being a curious leader can inspire teams to think bigger thoughts, have broader ideas, and spur innovation.

The use of the question as a leadership tool is as much art as it is science. Yes, there can be technical questions that need answering. Yet, the openly curious question that peaks thinking and builds interest can be a powerful driver for greater success.

My guest today is someone who has become known as “The Question Guy.” He lives a curious life. His name is Ben Albert. Ben has been curious ever since he first came of age. He found solace in asking pertinent questions about his family life and the existence he had in the community where he grew up.

Once hoping to be a pro athlete, he realized his stature would never get him there. Instead, he turned a bit cerebral. He mastered the art of curious questions. The is an art to it so as not to be off-putting or a nuisance to those around you.

Guest Bio:

I finally found my purpose when I officially launched “Rochester Business Connections” in November of 2020. I did a 22 episode launch (one episode each weekday), slowly gained momentum, and began to take off!

Once a pipe dream and a local show, Rochester Business Connections grew rapidly in popularity. I launched 4 other segments, and now we have an entire network, The Real Business Connections Network. The rest is history.

With Real Business Connections, I have had the humbling opportunity to amplify some of the most outstanding businesspeople in the world, big and small.

Real Business Connections is here for all of us to learn. We are going to have lively discussions with world-renowned business leaders. We will elevate these business people and highlight their role in their communities.

This is an opportunity for all of us to connect with one another. And all grow and get better together, as a team.

Links for Ben:

website  www.balbertmarketing.com


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