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Our brains are amazing. Using your brain power can be a secret weapon in your desire to be the best you can be. But it takes training to unleash that power.

In this episode, our guest is someone who struggled in college to make his grades. He was introduced to the magnificent power the brain does possess. Since then, he has dedicated his service to others, teaching them the ways to unlock the superpowers of the brain. His name is Collin Jewett.

Guest Bio:

Industrial engineer, author, coach, and adventurer. I love helping others rediscover the joy of learning and partner with their brains to unlock limitless memory, boundless creativity, and unshakeable focus.

Live cohort-based course: https://www.maven.com/curiosityjump/superlearner

First book (Out of Your Wheelhouse)

Second book (The Superhuman Playbook):

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