From Corporate Stress to Empowering Leadership: A Journey with Tassos Kotsias

Hello everyone, I’m Doug Thorpe, your host for the “Leadership Powered by Common Sense” podcast. In one of our recent episodes, I had the pleasure of welcoming Tassos Kotsias, a coach who has created his own program called the Heart Method. Today, I’d like to share some of the insights from our conversation.

The Birth of the Heart Method

Tassos Kotsias’ journey to coaching began during his 25-year corporate career. He noticed female peers and colleagues expressing concerns about their lack of confidence and imposter syndrome. This led him to create his coaching program. He shared his own experiences of working long hours and experiencing stress in his corporate roles. He found that female colleagues would often approach him seeking advice on various issues related to their careers and work-life balance. These discussions allowed him to reflect on his own challenges and grow personally.

Transitioning from Corporate to Coaching

Like many coaches, including myself, Tassos transitioned from a corporate background to coaching as a way to give back and help others avoid the struggles they faced. We discussed the topic of stress in a leader’s life, mentioning that it can be both positive and negative. However, stress becomes a problem when leaders are not aligned with their true selves.

The Three-Circle Exercise

I shared a tool I use with my coaching clients – the three-circle exercise. This involves imagining a Venn diagram with three overlapping circles representing the leader they want to be, the leader the company is asking them to be, and the leader their people need them to be. By assessing the alignment between these circles, individuals can gain insights into their motivation and satisfaction in their roles.

The Heart Methodology

We then delved into the Heart methodology for coaching, which stands for holistic, empowerment, alignment, resilience, and transformation. The holistic approach focuses on achieving balance and harmony in all aspects of life. This includes integrating professional and personal roles to be authentic and real in all areas.

Empowerment and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

We discussed the concept of empowerment and overcoming limiting beliefs. These beliefs often stem from childhood experiences and can hinder personal growth and success. However, empowerment is about challenging and weakening these limiting beliefs in order to move forward and achieve one’s goals.

The Role of Resilience

Resilience, we agreed, is the ability to overcome challenges and bounce back stronger. We compared resilience to physical training, emphasizing the need for conditioning and consistent effort to build mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience.

The Importance of Transformation

We concluded by discussing the transformation that occurs when individuals progress through the stages of empowerment, acceptance, and resilience. Transformation is a personal journey, and the level of transformation achieved depends on the individual’s commitment and effort.

The Power of Coaching and Mentoring

We also discussed the lack of coaching and mentoring in the corporate world, expressing our surprise and disappointment that such practices are not more widely embraced. We believe that coaching and mentoring can unlock the potential and talent within individuals, leading to positive impacts on society and the world as a whole.

Wrapping Up

As we wrapped up our conversation, we encouraged open dialogue, active listening, and the creation of clarity in order to avoid confusion and imbalance within teams. We stressed the importance of focus, simplicity, and prioritization in achieving goals and leading teams effectively.

To learn more from Tassos Kotsias, he can be reached through his website or on social media platforms. We will provide links and a comprehensive list of resources related to Tezos in the show notes.

Remember, there is a video version of the show available on our YouTube channel, where you can find archives of previous episodes. To learn more about my coaching and advisory services, visit my website, dougthorpe.com.

Until next time, make it a great day and remember, leadership is powered by common sense.


During my 25 years of Senior Corporate Experience, I have experienced female colleagues coming and discussing their challenging feelings and emotions of lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and fear of being judged all the time by their male bosses or colleagues. 

I could not explain, back then, why they would come to me, being also a male boss or peer of theirs… apparently because I was there to listen to them, support them with advice and treat them as respectful individuals. 

Therefore, following my passion for Holistic Coaching, I decided to make it my mission to support such women, who may need my help in order to surpass such challenging stressful situations at work and home.

I developed my unique HEART© Coaching methodology to make you feel Holistic, Empowered, Accepted, Resilient, and Transformed, so that you can appreciate and integrate this holistic transformation, balance and harmony in your life, once and for all!

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Website:                https://tassoskotzias.com/

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Youtube:               https://www.youtube.com/@TassosKotzias  

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