Daniel Tolson

Much has been spoken about increasing the awareness of emotional intelligence. However, for many, it still seems a foreign concept and something not needed in the leadership toolkit. When we open the book and lean into learning about emotional intelligence we can find tangible ways it can be used to increase our impact as leaders.

My guest is someone who has studied the whole spectrum of emotional intelligence. First, it helped him overcome some personal tragedy in his early years as well as helping his wife recover from a serious injury at work. His name is Daniel Tolson. Daniel helps us understand the multi-faceted aspects of deeply rooted factors that influence our ability to overcome limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears to arrive at a new level of emotional intelligence.

Guest Bio:

I left the aviation industry after co-leading a team of 17,500 cabin crew members and serving as a Senior Flight Steward. I saw firsthand how bad hires can impact a business’s bottom line—and how much time and money is wasted trying to fix those mistakes.

That’s why I built Hire Sense™: a service-based business that helps businesses hire smarter and avoid the pain of bad hires.

With Hire Sense™, you’ll be able to screen candidates based on their personality traits and characteristics rather than just their skills or experience. And by using science and AI technologies, within seconds we’ll give you insights into how your candidate will fit into your organization—before they even start working there!

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