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When we think of teams, we usually think about performance. Is the team achieving everything you hope for? High-performing teams need high-performing leaders.

But to be able to perform at the highest level as a leader, it is helpful to study those who have already achieved various degrees of success. My guest is one such leader. More importantly, he has taken his own passion for ultra-high performance and embarked on a study of 200 others who have already achieved greatness.

My guest is Bryan Gillette. Bryan is an ultra-distance athlete, having ridden his bicycle across the United States, yes all 4,00 miles, solo. In addition, he has run 200 miles in 76 hours, 100 miles several times, and multiple marathons just to prepare for the bigger races.

Listen as Bryan describes the EPIC Performance model he has discovered.

Guest Bio:

Bryan is a former Silicon Valley human resource executive, founder of his own leadership consulting business, and amateur ultra-endurance athlete. He has ridden his bike across the United States and run 205 miles around Lake Tahoe. Bryan knows how to connect with both the business leader or the amateur athlete to help them reach their peak and achieve the impossible. The skills and behavior, as he learned, are the same.

After interviewing 100 leaders on how they reach their peak and from his own experience in both roles, he wrote EPIC Performance: Lessons from 100 Executives and Endurance Athletes on Reaching Your Peak. In his speaking engagements and podcast interviews, he talks about the key aspects to push oneself and one’s team further.

Outlined below are potential topics and questions Bryan is always ready to answer for both of these topics.

Additional References & Information

Detailed biography for Bryan
Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
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Email to reach Bryan at bryan@EPICperformances.com
For PDF Copy of book, email me
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