Let me ask you, have you ever:
• Lost sleep worrying about how to deliver a tough message to a colleague?
• Thought you’d nailed a project only to receive feedback that caught you by surprise and stung a little?
• Recognized that who you know is more important than what you know? But realize you don’t know who knows you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will enjoy our conversation with Morag Barrett. Morag will share how we can’t be successful in business, or in life, without successfully cultivating our professional relationships.

Guest Bio

Morag Barrett is a sought-out executive coach and leadership expert who helps leaders achieve outstanding results through the power of their professional relationships. At last count Morag and her company SkyeTeam have supported the development of more than 10,000 leaders from 20 countries and on 6 continents.

She’s the award-winning author of three books: Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships; The Future-Proof Workplace; and her latest book You, Me, We: Why we all need to be a friend at work (and how to show up as one!). She’s recognized by Thinkers360 and PeopleHum as an HR Thought Leader to Watch.

She’s been featured by Entrepreneur.com, Forbes, and The American Management Association among others, and is a member of the 100 Coaches organization formed by Marshall Goldsmith. She’s also recognized by Thinkers360 and PeopleHum as an HR Thought Leader to Watch.
If that hasn’t tired you out, she’s also the proud mother to three 6ft sons, and a classical musician.
Ensuring we all learn how to build stronger professional relationships …

Please join me in welcoming our people expert, and ballroom dancer…. Morag

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