This is a funny word coined by MLB coach and business consultant Trent Clark. Trent is a 3x MLB champion. He has coached with some of the biggest names in sports including Nick Saban.

After leaving professional sports, Trent was involved with 12, yes, twelve different businesses, leading each one to record-breaking growth and performance. Along the way, he identified a string of “..ities.” Things like accountability, flexibility, responsibility, and so forth. He has combined the experience with words to build his new firm Leadershipity.

Join us as we explore the lessons learned and ways you can apply these “ities” to your leadership troolkit.

Guest Bio:

Trent M. Clark Founder MPower Athletes Inc, Courage Coach LLC & Leadershipity.com Three-time Major League Baseball World Series Coach Trent Clark is CEO of Leadershipity and Co-Founder of Transitions LLC. Having spent his adult livelihood among top 1% producers in sports and business, Trent is dedicated to empowering people to reach their goals, peak performance, and attain their dreams. At Leadershipity, we design, coach and facilitate MEASURABLE Training, Education, Assessments and Mentoring (T.E.A.M) for personal leadership and team-building programs worldwide. Trent is a nationally recognized certified coach & speaker.

“Trent is a fabulous presenter!” – Technology Retail Exec

“Trent has provided motivation and education to the best athletes (and business persons) in the world” – Scott Spiezio, 2x MLB World Champion

In business, Trent is a founder, an educator and investor. He is a 7-year member of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO) serving the EO Global Board Mentorship Sub Committee and operates as an EO Mentorship Facilitator worldwide. As a professional speaker, Trent has served organizations for over 25 years, providing motivation and useful knowledge transfer from the lessons of sport to practical business application. In addition, he is a Certified Everything DiSC® Facilitator and Authorized Partner of both DiSC and Patrick Lencioni’s, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®.

Since 2011, Trent has launched three separate startup firms that rose to revenues exceeding $1M USD . “Trent is one of the most compassionate people and leaders that I know. He is a tireless leader and one who has solid motivation skills of those he leads and works alongside.” – CEO, Chicago A University of Toledo BS Graduate with an Education Degree (K-12), Trent earned Varsity Letters in both Tennis and Baseball and was voted All-MAC Conference. In addition, Trent played in the 1989 & 1990 NJCAA National Tennis Championships.



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