barbara cavness and doug thorpe

Do you want to enhance team engagement and drive productivity to new heights? Are you searching for a solution that can help you achieve this desired outcome? Look no further!

In this episode, our guest Barbara Cavness will reveal the key to unlocking improved team engagement, productivity, and success. Get ready to discover the power of clarity, focus, and vision in driving your team towards extraordinary results.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the bedrock of successful leadership by grasping the essence of a clear and well-articulated vision.
  • Delve into the power of bringing on someone with high-level agency experience.
  • Engage with the trinity of clarity, focus, and vision as crucial stimulants for motivating your team effectively.
  • Recognize the fundamental role of articulate leadership communication.
  • Explore the building blocks of a high-performing team, underlined by trust, psychological safety, and open communication. List 2:

My special guest is Barbara Cavness

Meet Barbara Cavness, a forward-thinking CEO with a unique blend of real-world experience and strategic leadership skills. Starting as an East Coast girl, Barbara fell in love with a West Texas boy and found herself in Austin, Texas. She holds a Psychology degree from Duke University, where she also played lacrosse, setting the foundation for her leadership journey. Her career included significant roles in advertising, marketing, and political consulting before diving into the world of digital marketing. These various experiences gave her a distinct advantage as she took over as the CEO of UnCommon Logic. Barbara’s belief in driving business through a clear vision, sustained focus, and effective communication has led to consistent organizational growth, even through challenging periods like the Covid-19 pandemic.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:05 – Introduction,

00:01:23 – Background and Career Beginnings,

00:07:02 – Lessons from Failures,

00:10:46 – Transition to CEO,

00:13:22 – Successful Partnership,

00:15:36 – The Journey of a Walk-On Lacrosse Player,

00:17:22 – The Power of Inclusion,

00:18:50 – Taking Action for Diversity and Inclusion,

00:23:37 – Genuine Empathetic Listening,

00:27:05 – Authentic Leadership and Self-Awareness,

00:31:11 – Importance of Differing Opinions,

00:32:18 – Psychological Safety in High-Performing Teams,

00:33:15 – Creating a Psychologically Safe Environment,

00:34:15 – Building Trust for Psychological Safety,

00:36:49 – The Importance of Trust in Leadership

Guest Bio:

Barbara Cavness is the CEO of (un)Common Logic, a digital marketing agency in Austin, Texas. Since joining the company in 2014, Barbara has played a key role in its growth and evolution, with a strong focus on delivering ongoing value and results for clients. She has also been instrumental in developing and nurturing a high-performing team and a thriving company culture, which have been key factors in the success of (un)Common Logic. As a woman CEO and active member in the Austin business community, she brings a wealth of insight and experience to the table.





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