From Start-Up to Grown-Up (#053 )

alisa cohn

In this show, we explore what it takes for small business founders to make all the right moves to go from start-up to grown-up. My guest is a well-known business coach and executive leadership guru, Alisa Cohn. Alisa has coached leaders in startups including Venmo, DraftKings, and Etsy. She is the author of From Start-up […]

Leadership Communication Is Bigger Than the Message | Ep 052

bran rutberg

Managers, owners, and executives work on many leadership skills. One that is often high on the list is communication. Yet communication is much bigger than the message you deliver. In this episode, I meet with Bryan Rutberg, himself a masterful communicator, educator, speaker, and coach. Bryan, founder and president of 3C Communications, guides and inspires […]

Making Space for Recharging Your Leadership 051

daniel sih

We live in a fast-paced, sometimes crazy world. Owning a business and leading a team can be a drain. You love it, but it zaps energy. How do you recharge? It all starts with making space. Space to do the things you need to do to maintain your health, energy, focus, resilience, and ability to […]

How to Become Count-On-Able (#050)

jeff cohen

Running a business or leading a team requires people to be accountable. Or at least that’s what they tell us in B-School. What if you built a team where everyone, including the boss, was “count-on-able?” It’s a catchy word created by my guest, Jeff Cohen. Join me as Jeff and I talk about the shift […]

Finding Alignment of Passion and Purpose for a New Venture | #049

corrie logiudice

In this episode, we tackle the classic yin and yang of whether to decide to leave a corporate gig to launch out on your own. My guest is Corrie LoGiudice of Long Island. She has a fascinating view to share with you. Here are Corrie’s own words… Back in 2016… I had achieved this in […]

Help With Mapping Your Leadership Journey | Ep 048

william attaway

It has been said that Leadership is a journey. You need direction, vision, and a guide to be an effective leader. It’s a lifelong journey that offers great reward and satisfaction. But you have to start the journey. In this episode, I visit with Dr. William Attaway. His Catalytic Leadership programs have been used by […]

Exploring the Intrepid Brotherhood-Fixing Bad Bosses (#047)

gordon graham

Even in a small and semirural American government utility, corrupt leaders aren’t simply dishonest and immoral. They’re dangerous. A riveting and relevant memoir, The Intrepid Brotherhood details a classic story of enlightened leaders’ war against oppressive and dishonest management. The deep corruption would threaten to ruin jobs and harm lives — while costing the county […]

Creating the Ripple for Employee Engagement (#046)

noah pusey 046

Peter Drucker once said, “Culture will eat strategy for breakfast.” But how does a leader build the right culture at work? The modern workforce is demanding better feedback cycles, more frequency, and better outcomes. How does a leader do that using an old annual system? The answer is, you don’t. I visit with Noah Pusey […]

Understanding Human Design for Better Connection (#045)

Leadership effectiveness can come in many ways. Making the right connections with colleagues, employees, peers, and others requires the right stuff. Sometimes it can help to take a totally different view, contrary to any schooling, coaching, or training you’ve had. In this episode, I bring just such a departure from popular norms. We’re going to […]

Better Ways to Forecast Your Business Future (#044)

ian schnoor

Putting together a business forecast does not require a ton of skill, but it does deserve some careful attention to detail. In this episode, I visit with Ian Schnoor who has made a career of building better forecasts. Ian is one of the founders of the Financial Modeling Institute in 2017. He oversees the organization […]